To help men and women awaken to their true nature and create right work outside of the corporatized slavery system. Change happens when we identify as our true Self and operate from love, truth, beauty, and peace.

You deserve to keep 100% of the compensation for your labor. We help you do this.

As we grow our network and launch the exchange, we join a mass exodus out of the corporatized, corrupt economy that only benefits the elites and their banksters.


All of your food, household goods, personal care items, clothing, and other essential goods and services are sourced from men and women who share your values of love, wisdom, truth, and beauty. No harm is done to a living being in the creation of these goods and services.

We no longer spend any of our money with corporations that are trying to enslave us. Big box retailers, including mass grocery stores, are a thing of the past. We spend our money with local, regional, and made in the USA producers of goods and services.

This is a peaceful revolution built on the creativity and ingenuity of men and women who have a direct connection to God and operate from Christ consciousness.


LOVE – noticing that we are happiest when we are loving (or being love), we understand that we are love

PEACE – being love, we generate a field of peace

TRUTH – truth is revealed in the silence of love and peace

COOPERATION – understanding that nature is cooperative, we cooperate will all beings who are awakened to their loving, peaceful, divine self

SERVICE – we surrender to the will of God in all things to be of highest service to humanity

Right Work Steward

The Right Work private membership club is provided herein by i: a woman; caprice thorsen; i have an eclectic background in business strategy consulting, life and executive coaching, homeschooling and self-directed education. Before starting my own business, i worked for two US Senators, a computer training firm, and two boutique consulting firms. i am grateful to be de-schooled even though i have a BA in cultural anthropology and international relations from the University of Virginia and a MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

i; caprice am the mother of two teenage daughters;. my oldest daughter was home educated K-12 and got a free ride to the college of her choice. After one semester, she decided to leave college and build her own business.

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